The flight to San Diego is just under three hours which isn’t that long if you manage to catch some shuteye. There were two guys from United Front Games on my flight. I don’t think they recognized me, mainly because I worked at UFG for all of five minutes before I was laid off. They were almost assuredly going down to San Diego to visit Sony as UFG has developed a relationship with them since ModNation Racers.

As soon as I stepped outside the airport terminal it was clear I was not in Vancouver. It was warm, bright, and sunny. I took a cab to my hotel downtown and it was a ten minute drive at most. After checking in, I went out to grab some lunch to go. After eating, the lack of sleep caught to me. Since my flight was so early, I decided to forgo sleeping the night before since I stay up so late anyways. With lunch eaten, I crawled into bed for a nap.

By the time I woke up it was late afternoon so I decided to walk to the pier just west of my hotel. It was at this time I realized the weather turned cloudy and the warmth I felt just hours ago was gone. It was grey and a bit windy, which was sadly a bit reminiscent of the Vancouver weather I just left behind.

The ships of the pier were nice to see but I wished it was a bit warmer. I returned to my hotel and I felt like taking another nap before getting some dinner. That short nap led to me waking up at 10pm. Whoops.

I hope to wake up early tomorrow to get an early start on the day.

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