As I mentioned in my previous post, there’s now a mall of sorts in the first couple of floors of the development where I live. One of the places that’s now open is a Subway. There is also another Subway location just half a block from my home. I can actually see that location from my living room window. The older location just opened up less than a year ago. I wonder what they think now that there’s another Subway so close by now.

Anyways, I’ve never been too pleased with the older Subway franchise. They are super cheap with their vegetables. If you ask for a particular type of veggie, they’ll try to take as few pieces as possible and string them as far as they can to span the length of the sub. The benchmark for me is the green pepper. I usually get green peppers on all my subs. At this place, they’ve sliced the green peppers into rings that have been then cut so they’re just like very thin strands. When I ask for green peppers then, the “artist” lays a single strand across the length of the sub. You wind up getting a tiny cross section of green pepper throughout your sub. It’s ridiculous how cheap they are with it.

With the new location opening up, I was hoping this place wasn’t as cheap with their veggies. I went there for lunch today. Sadly, the same thing happened to me at this location. They were as economical with the green pepper as the other place. I don’t remember Subway being so stupid with their veggie portion control. When I first started going to Subway when I was in high school, they seemed much more giving with their portions. I understand that times are tough these days and every penny counts for a company but there is a point where it’s almost not even worth putting something out on the menu if customers are going to get so little of it.

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