In a previous post, I detailed how a retail complex was being developed which would integrate into the apartment towers and transit station below my home. It has taken many, many months after years of planning but the retail portion of the development is finally open. You can find out more info about the stores here.

Last week, one of the anchor retailers, a Safeway, opened their doors. To go food shopping now, all I have to do is walk out my apartment, take the elevator down to the fourth floor, go down a short hallway, open a door, and I’m in the mezzanine level of the shopping area. It takes well short of five minutes to get there and I’m sheltered from the elements during the entire time. Other stores are opening up as time passes. A Subway opened their doors this week as did a CIBC bank. A spa is now open as well. A dentist’s office seems to be almost complete. There appears to be a large emphasis on food outlets which I’m pleased about since I love to eat. The piece of the puzzle that I’m most excited about is the 10 screen digital theatre that is slated to open in April. I hope they offer assigned seating in some of their auditoriums because I’d love to wait until the last possible moment before heading down from my apartment to the theatre. In my underwear one minute and then watching the Avengers just minutes after.

I’ll be interested in seeing how the provincial government assesses the value of my apartment after the development is complete. The value has gone up steadily since I bought it but I wonder if there will be a significant increase after this. While everyone loves to know their property is worth more, the downside is paying higher property tax. For now, I’m just happy to know I can buy Doritos, a roast chicken, and cheese until midnight, every night of the week.

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