It didn’t take me long to get into my natural sleeping cycle. I went to bed at 6am this morning. Perhaps it was a mistake to start cleaning my kitchen at 4am. I really did want to say I did something productive on my first day of unemployment. On the bright side, I did use a granite cleaner/polish on my kitchen countertops and they’re super shiny now. You can easily see reflections on their surface. Unfortunately, I started to get hungry while cleaning my kitchen. I had to move some stuff around and I grabbed a can of powdered won ton soup mix and I instantly wanted some won ton and noodle soup. I had neither won tons nor noodles so that sucked. Before rolling into bed at 6am, I looked outside from my windows. It was still dark but it’s amazing how many people are out and about at 6am. The major streets around my apartment were beginning to fill with traffic that probably wouldn’t die down until 10am.

Every day since Saturday I’ve been waking whenever my body tells me to wake up but this day was different. I’d scheduled a hair cut with the lady that is trained to cut hair. The appointment was for 2pm and going to bed at 6am meant there was a strong possibility that I might wake up too late to be on time. It pained me somewhat but I actually had to set my alarm again. I totally messed it up. I didn’t know it at the time but I screwed up the whole AM and PM thing. It’s a good thing I didn’t have a marathon to run or something. When I awoke, it was nearly 1pm which puzzled me because I wanted to be awake earlier. It was then I realized my mistake. I still got to my appointment on time but it always feels bad to know you didn’t set your alarm properly.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I had a nap around 5pm which was awesome. I then saw a movie with some friends and then had a bite to eat. I plan on getting to bed a bit earlier than 6am this morning. My last task before bed time is to make a list of things I need to do in the short term. I like making lists because it feels good to cross things off lists. Eat fried chicken? Done! Meet the person that delivers my mail? Done!

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