It was back to another day without an alarm clock and it was great. I woke up around 11am and felt like I needed more sleep so I willed myself back to sleepytime again. The next time I woke up was enough sleep for me.

I crawled out of my bed and made myself a salad for breakfast. That may seem weird but I have no responsibilities, no job, I sleep until I want to, and I spend most of my day in my PJs. Salad for breakfast just seems natural after that. While still in my PJs, I bought some RRSPs online. I did about five minutes of research before deciding on which funds to buy. As you can tell, I still have no idea what to do with money. Sometimes I’m surprised I have any money at all.

After feeling pretty good about doing serious business like buying RRSPs, I decided to take a break by watching some of the early NHL games that were starting on the east coast. I then needed to walk to the supermarket to get some stuff for dinner. I actually showered today because I needed to go outside. After showering, I went and bought my stuff. For those keeping score, I made Hamburger Helper salisbury tonight. Judge me all you want, HH salisbury is tasty.

With dinner out of the way, I then drove to Walmart to buy a bar stool. This was my first time buying furniture at Walmart. You might be wondering why I bought just one bar stool. As many of you know, I hate having my TV sitting on top of my fireplace mantle. I have to crane my neck up to see my TV. It’s ok when I’m watching non-interactive entertainment but when I’m playing video games, it’s hard on my eyes to have to frequently look up and also scan left and right at the same time. I get eye fatigue really easily. The best solution is to bring the TV down to my eye level and that would require getting rid of the fireplace mantle. That’s an expensive solution. As a stop-gap, I thought that instead of bringing the TV down to me, I could put myself higher. Sitting on the bar stool raises my eye level high enough that I feel much more comfortable. I actually own two other bar stools but those don’t have a back rest and they aren’t padded. This one is way more comfy. It’s obviously not a permanent solution but it’ll have to do for now while I figure out how to get rid of my fireplace.

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