It’s a long weekend in British Columbia and once again I forgot that until midweek. We have Monday off. Even though we’re in a critical phase of Prototype 2′s development there isn’t really a need for me to go work this weekend. This is amazingly refreshing for a large-scale game.

Radical is holding their company BBQ tomorrow. Everyone is meeting at Stanley Park by the beach for food, fun, and games. I bet some programmers will refuse to get into the sun. I might be one of them.

I need to go to the supermarket to get some food. I’m out of snack items. I also don’t have any cereal. I really wish I could have an Oreo right now. I’ll probably buy Nutella when I do go shopping.

I went to dinner at a restaurant along Commercial Drive this evening. I saw a lot of hipsters. It’s amazing how large their numbers are. I wish I owned a company that made thick rimmed black glasses.

I am really looking forward to chilling out this weekend. Have a good one folks!

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