I mentioned in a previous post that just about two o’clock everyday at my place of work, they bring around a “snack cart”. It’s got all sorts of goodies on it. I tend to avoid all the stuff that’s not good for me but I can’t resist the snack sized portion of Oreo cookies they have. It’s two Oreo cookies in a small pack. It’s a good compromise between too few cookies and too much fat and sugar. Prior to starting my current contract, I could not remember the last time I had an Oreo. I had forgotten how tasty they were.

Last night I was at the supermarket when I passed by the cookie aisle. I very rarely buy cookies as I know they’re not very good for you. I stopped by though and saw that they make “reduced fat” Oreos. Throwing caution to the wind, I bought a package. When I got home, I tried one of these reduced fat Oreos. I’m sorry to report that the fattier version of the Oreo tastes better. It’s like the fat is basically what makes the Oreo taste so good.

It’s just another example of foods that are worse for you, taste way better than their healthier alternative.

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