E3 2011

This week in Los Angeles, the video game industry’s highest profile convention is taking place, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3 is where companies finally reveal the games and hardware they have been working on for months or even years. From a local and personal view, it’s a time when my friends and people I know in Vancouver can finally talk about and show what they’ve been diligently crafting at their respective studios.

E3 is always a good thing for the industry. It raises the profile of games, enough so that even the mainstream media takes notice, but if only for a week. In a perfect world, all the games at E3 will go on to be big successes. I would love if everyone experienced prosperity and had positive outlooks ahead of them. The truth is, I’m still not sure if the industry, at least in the Vancouver area, has clawed its way out of the mire it found itself in for the last two years. Let’s hope we can build on this week’s momentum.

The demo you see above is for Black Box’s Need for Speed: The Run, the game I would have worked on, had Black Box not decided I was useless to them. Many of my friends are working on this game and a lot is riding on how well it does from a critical and sales standpoint.

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