This is just a friendly reminder that today is April 1st which in many star systems has been designated April’s Fools Day. I feel like I should warn you, my loyal readers, that nothing should be accepted today without some serious thought. Half the Internet today will be filled with stories that are completely made up. If you doing shopping online, there might be products that are completely made up and not actually available. Though that sweet Tauntaun sleeping bag is indeed real, no joke (well it started off as a joke then became real). You shouldn’t even trust this web site. Are you sure you aren’t actually on Oprah’s web site right now?

If you work in an office, I’d be cautious all day. Do not accept treats from fellow co-workers. Be wary of any innocent looking e-mails. No, your office photocopier didn’t just become voice-activated. Trust none of your co-workers today. If you remain vigilant on this day, you might even survive. Good luck!

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