If you’re a fan of the Terminator mythos, then you might know that tomorrow is theoretically Judgement Day. This is the supposed day where human civilization comes to an end as Skynet starts its war against humans with a massive worldwide nuclear strike. This is the third such Judgement Day as the events of more and more movies and one TV show alter the date and push it forward.

The first date, the one I refer to as the classic Judgement Day was August 29, 1997. This date was the one mentioned in first two Terminator movies. It was also the date that people had to wait the longest to get to, as the first movie came out in 1984. Of course on that day, nothing happened, mostly because we’re talking about a movie and not reality. I do remember that day myself as I was aware of the significance. I recall being really bored that day (I wasn’t working) and it was an uncomfortably hot day.

Because the Terminator franchise turned into a terrible mess after T2 was released, there have been several mentions of new Judgement Days occurring 2003, 2004, and 2005. I’d say most fans ignore all that crap. The most recent Judgement Day date comes from the highly underrated TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In one of the episodes, the delightful Summer Glau as Cameron tells the viewers that the new date is April 21, 2011.

I hope everyone enjoys the latest Judgement Day! Remember, if you see something that looks like a shooting star in the sky, it just might be something Google launched.

3 thoughts on “JUDGEMENT DAY… AGAIN”

  1. I guess Judgement Day came a little early for The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

    Too soon?

    //goes back to hiding under blanket until judgement day is over

  2. I loved that show, it was canceled before it should have been. There have been some really dumb decisions about the Terminator franchise in recent years.

  3. Agree, I thought it was a good show too, Summer Glau has had a bit of a rough go with first this cancellation and then The Cape being cancelled before the end of its season.

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