I’d like to highlight a web and iPhone (Android coming soon!) app that a former co-worker has developed. It’s called TaxiNow and as the name implies, it assists you in getting a taxi. Now you might be asking yourself why wouldn’t you just call a taxi company or use their own online booking forms? This is where TaxiNow is better than those options. The app allows you to see the actual real-time locations of taxis in your area. When you request a taxi, the dispatch is not even in the equation. Your request is directly sent out to individual drivers in your area through the app. Taxi drivers have a slightly different version of the app which allows them to see where you’re located. They can then indicate they’re on their way. You no longer have to guess how far away your cab is because you can track their progress to you with the app. This service has the awesome price of free.

Though the app has no inherent geographical boundaries, the majority of taxi drivers who have downloaded the app are centered in the Vancouver area. I encourage you to view the video above for a quick overview and take a look at the TaxiNow web site. At the very least, you can see how many taxis are TaxiNow enabled in your area.

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