I get lots of spam comments on this blog that are automatically filtered out by a nifty system. Once in a while, I take a look at the spam that gets caught and chuckle at the penis enlargement ads.

Tonight, I looked at the spam corral and noticed a comment that appears to be a genuine piece of spam but that might actually have a heart of gold underneath all that spammy exterior. The comment is as follows:

I’m looking to give money to support Japan?
I am so unhappy by what took place in Japan with the earthquake and tsunami and I really want to assist all of them by donation.

Does anyone know an internet site or anything where one can donate to assist Japan?

As with all spam comments, a link is provided. The odd thing is, the link appears to be the exact same link one would use to donate money to the relief effort for Japan. There does not appear to be any funny business going on, like the “o” in “cross” replaced with a “0” or anything.

I’m wondering how this piece of spam benefits the person who sent it or the person who wanted it sent. The Red Cross doesn’t send out kickbacks for donations or anything. If I get 500 people to donate to the Red Cross, they don’t send me 5% of the donations.

I want to think that there’s a spammer out there who briefly spammed for good but I’m having a hard time believing it. Nevertheless, if you want to help, start by looking here.

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