As some of you know, the game that I was (am?) working on was canceled last week by the publisher that was funding its development. With this surprising news, it left the studio I work for with much uncertainty, especially since the game is nearly complete. Many people were concerned about the security of their jobs, as they should be, given that there was no longer any money coming in from Activision.

After almost a week off, all of us returned to work today to get an update. There was a team meeting and we were told what had transpired during the week. What I can divulge is that with a nearly complete game, there are efforts under way to see if someone else would like to publish the title. Whoever that might be, would need to obviously fund the development the rest of the way but as I said before, the game is almost done. There were no mass layoffs today and everyone is still getting paid. We are to return to work on Monday for another update.

That’s really all I have to report for now, so I guess I’ll just relax and enjoy the rest of my week.

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