It was Valentine’s Day today and I hope none of you were waiting for my traditional Valentine’s Day post. I’m not going to write one this year because I honestly think most of you are tired of reading about me playing video games, drinking Mountain Dew, eating Hot Pockets, and masturbating by myself. If you want to read the “classics”, just type “valentine” into the search box to the right and you’ll find what you need.

For the last three years, I had another tradition on Valentine’s Day and that was giving out cards and chocolates to the women I work with. I would usually buy cheap and cheesy Valentine’s cards that were designed for elementary school kids to give out. My favourites were the superhero-themed cards. The chocolates would be Hershey’s Kisses. On the day before VD, I would stay late at work and then distribute the cards and chocolate at the desks of the ladies. Since I work in gaming, it didn’t take very long to place all the items. It was a huge hit with all the ladies and I would get thank-yous the next day.

The tradition was broken this year for several reasons. First, I don’t even work at EA any more. Second, even though I work for another studio (for now), we were told to stay at home for the last few days so there wasn’t even an opportunity for me to hand out the goodies. Lastly, I barely know anyone on my current team so it would be just awkward if I randomly handed out cards and chocolates to women that I hadn’t even met. The tradition has ended for now but I am envisioning a day in the near future where I’m handing out Justin Bieber VD cards.

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