I hope all of you are enjoying your holidays. I’ve been off work for a week now and I have spent all seven days being ill. As some of you read earlier, I got sick right when I started my new job. I managed to slog through the first few days of work while feeling awful. I managed to recover in time to have about two full days of work where I wasn’t sick before somehow catching another cold. It was one of those odd colds that started off pretty mild but grew in strength and tenacity slowly. It started to get really rough for me the evening of Christmas Day. I nearly hacked up a lung last night while trying to fall asleep. I think the only reason I got any sleep at all last night was because I coughed myself to exhaustion.

I was looking forward to spending my holidays at least partially outside my apartment but didn’t really work out. Since I can make it to the video store and back without too much effort, I’ve been able to catch up on some of my home video releases: The Other Guys, A-Team, and Salt. All three are fairly decent movies but none of them will go down as a classic. I like to think I’ll get healthy in time to spend some of my holidays not wrapped up in a blanket on my couch but we will have to see.

Everyone else seems to be having fun with their time off!

2 thoughts on “HOLIDAY UPDATE”

  1. Heat is still off! A nice steamy shower has been the thing that’s providing me comfort these days. Makes my chest feel so much better!

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