Earlier this evening I checked visitor logs for my site and saw that I had over double the number of visitors for yesterday. Most, if not all the visits came from or near the University of Manchester. It turns out one of my namesakes had posted a link to my blog. No, it wasn’t the dentist, it was another one, this guy. I’m only aware of three namesakes, the dentist, and two other ones (including this guy). The non-dentist ones are younger than I am. I wonder if they think I’m some old man who’s not hip and is so out of touch with the modern world than he only has a blog and not a Twitter account.

You know if I were rich and carefree, I’d spent money to gather all my namesakes from across the world so that we could meet once a year at some exotic location so we could meet and catch up. Imagine having a wicked party at the Chuck E. Cheese in Monaco one year and then next year having a bash at the Olive Garden in Ibiza, Spain. That would be awesome! It’s a shame, nay almost a crime, that I’m not rich.

My fellow namesakes, if I ever win the lottery, you better start brushing up on your skee ball skills.

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