It’s the most cliched topic in Vancouver right now but it’s certainly not going to stop me from writing about it. It’s bone-chilling, ass-breaking cold right now. The app on my phone currently tells me it’s minus seven degrees Celsius. For Vancouver, that’s bitterly and unfairly cold.

I had to venture outside today and I gave no second thought to breaking out my winter coat for the first time this season. I did my best not to be exposed to the outside extremes for more than five minutes as it became quite uncomfortable after that. Anyone having to battle the cold and the wind today was in for an unpleasant time.

Once I got home, things only got marginally better. Because I’m stupidly clinging onto my desire to not turn on the heat in my apartment, it’s not exactly home sweet home here. I’m guessing the temperature in here is anywhere between 6-8 degrees Celsius. I have two pairs of socks on but that’s the only additional clothes I’ve put on. The funny thing is, it’s actually warmer in my hallway than my apartment. I propped open my front door for a few minutes to let some heat in.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be homeless right now. I certainly hope for their sake, they take advantage of all the open shelters around the city right now. If I could, I fill my own apartment with homeless dudes if I could. Not sure how much warmer they’d find it though.

Seeing as how I have no job and a little bit of money, I should be somewhere else warm right now.

One thought on “DONKEY BALLS IT’S COLD”

  1. I would have loved to have spent the last few days in ‘cold’ Vancouver. Did you see how frakin’ cold it was up over here. In the Town of Sundre, one hour north of my place, they had a record low of -39 degrees!!!!, and that is without windchill.

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