Hey iPhone owners, did you know about this game called Angry Birds? Just kidding, I know you guys have been playing AB since December of 2009. As an Android owner, I only just got this game last week. AB for Android is free but is ad-supported. If my phone can’t connect to the Internet it won’t show the ads so I just shut off my wi-fi. No ads!

Angry Birds is the best mobile game I’ve ever played, with my sample size being like six games. I really like the colourful art style which gives it a whimsical feel. The fact that it’s a physics-based puzzle game that requires skill and strategy is the key to the game. The whole game mechanic works very well within the mobile environment that it operates. The fact that the help or instructions in the game require no written words to get across what your objectives are is a sign that the game simple enough for everyone to understand.

Go try Angry Birds if you haven’t already!

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