Though I think I know the answer, I was wondering tonight how many of my readers would remember a very obscure detail of this blog. I’ve written well over 2300 posts in the eight years this blog has been in existence (in all its forms). I have been the author for every single one of those posts, except for just one.

Does anyone remember who my single guest author was? What did he or she write about? The winner should probably get a prize. Oh, and the guest author is not eligible to answer and cannot inform others to the answer. I’m guessing that no one will remember.

4 thoughts on “TRIVIA QUESTION”

  1. That Google sure knows a whole lot. Yep, it was Sarah.

    I should have more guest authors, that was a lot of fun.

  2. Erwin, even I had to rack my brains to remember what I wrote about as your guest author. How about a link so that we can relive my mediocre literary skills?

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