We’ve been working really hard to get skate 3 out the door and to show their appreciation, management arranged to have a massage therapist come and work on our tense muscles. To be clear, we were offered 15 minute sessions so these are short intervals to help us quickly relax. Your usual spa type massages last much longer but with so many software engineers on our team, it’s not practical to spend that much time with each person.

My first massage was on Friday and while I was on the chair the nice massage lady asked me if I played a lot of sports. I told her I hadn’t participated in sports in many, many months. She then said she had asked because the muscles around my right shoulder showed the same amount of development as people who played racquet sports. I kinda laughed because I used to play lots of tennis but it’s been a good year since I stopped that. I also mentioned that my mouse arm is my right arm. She said that could account for the muscle development, given the amount of time I spent at the computer.

The massage lady returned again today and I was fortunate enough to get another session with her. This time she had the full table so she was able to work on my legs a bit. This time, she asked me if I played soccer (football for you Brits) because according to her, my leg muscles showed signs that I participated in athletic activities. I again laughed because I’m essentially a sloth for nearly the entire day as I sit at my desk. I told her again that I just at my desk all day.

She explained to me that some people have muscles that retain their state to a certain extent after levels of exercise, even if a lot of time has passed since the last bit of athletic activity. That made me feel good about myself, even though I’m still quite tubby around the middle. I wondered out loud what would happen if I actually exercised on a regular basis. The massage lady suggested that maybe I should give it a try and find out.

I’m going to open a bag of chips, watch some TV, and think about that.

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