Despite being over the age of thirty, I bought a pair of skinny jeans at Gap a few days ago. I hadn’t planned on buying a pair that day. I was just casually looking around when I decided to try a pair on, just to see what the kids were wearing these days.

The first pair I tried on had a waist size of 32″. Normally this is just about fine for me and since these skinny jeans sat low on the waist, I didn’t think this would be a problem. I was right, the waist wasn’t the problem. What was a problem were my legs. Being a dude of Asian origin, I have typically large calves even though I don’t really workout at all. Combine my large calves with the skinny jeans and I had recipe for discomfort and tightness. I managed to get them on but sitting down was really not working. Walking was tough too.

Just for fun, I decided to get a pair with a 34″ waist. Now normally, any pair of regular jeans or other pants at a 34″ waist would be ridiculously oversized for me. I was prepared for a hilarious pair of clown-like pants as I pulled them on. To my pleasant surprise, it wasn’t all that bad. The waist was sure roomy but the jeans weren’t falling down. My calves weren’t compressed like a flight suit anymore but they weren’t swimming in material either. With a fashionable dark wash and a decent fit, I thought this would be a good purchase.

If you see me with my new “skinny” jeans on, get out of my way because I’m going to be listening to Menudo or whatever band skinny jeans people listen to. If you’re interested in reading more about skinny jeans on men phenomena, click here.

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