Once in a while, I allow myself to try something new at the supermarket. Usually, it’s a product that I think will taste good but might have no guarantees in that respect. I’d been seeing this President’s Choice Chicago-style deep dish frozen pizza for a few weeks. I was hesitant for a few reasons, first I wasn’t sure how deep dish would taste from a frozen state. Second, it was about $9 and since I’m cheap, that’s a pretty expensive single item from the supermarket.

A few weeks ago, I just decided to give it try since I wanted something different for dinner. As you can see above, it looks pretty damn good the box. Once I got it out of the box, this is what I saw below:

It was sealed up nice and fresh with a plastic wrap. There would be no freezer burn here. I wasn’t expecting it to come in cast-iron pan so I guess the aluminum pan was reasonable. I then removed the plastic wrap to reveal:

Hmmm… my pie didn’t have a lot of cheese on top. The picture showed a bit more cheese that I was expected. Still, it didn’t look too bad at all. Overall, it was a hefty pizza. I had no doubt it probably did weigh about 2 lbs. The next step was to put in the oven and just the required 40-45 minutes for it to cook. When it was baked to my liking, I took it out of the oven and this is what I saw:

The crust was a golden brown and I took it out before it had a chance to start to burn. Without a lot of cheese, the top was just this baked layer of tomato sauce. I didn’t really know what to expect. Tentatively, I cut my self a slice and placed it on a plate:

By this time, I was fairly hungry, so I devoured the slice in short order. I was pleasantly surprised. I was apprehensive that the crust would be too greasy or oily but that was not the case. It was almost crispy and reminded me a bit like a pastry crust. It wasn’t doughy either. While the toppings weren’t overflowing with meat, I can honestly say there was a good amount of pepperoni and sausage distributed to each slice. It sure felt like a slice of deep dish to me.

For better or worse, I happily ate the whole pizza over the course of three days. I would probably buy it again but probably not every week.

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  1. Things you now miss about Canada that you didn’t know you would miss before moving away: Bilingual Food Boxes.

    Sweet baby Jeebus, how good is
    “Tarte-pizza Chicago: saucisse et pepperoni”


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