Tony Hawk has made very few public comments on the Skate game franchise, which I’m proud to work on. interviewed Tony last week and one of questions posed to him was “Have you played EA’s Skate? If so, what did you think of it?”

Tony answered the question in the video above. I think you can interpret his answer in a few ways but here’s my take on it. He was first and foremost, polite and professional with his answer which I expected. He seems like a genuinely nice guy so nothing new here. He also described our game as “cool” and “unique”. I suppose that’s a good thing to hear from the man who brought skateboarding games to the forefront. At the same time, he seemed careful not to praise our game too much or give it too many accolades. I like how he transitioned quickly into talking about skateboarding games as a genre, taking the focus off a specific game.

Anyways, for a person who has done so much for the skateboarding world, it’s interesting to hear what he thinks of our little project.

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