This Sunday evening, I found myself returning home after having dinner at my parent’s home. As I got off the elevator, I turned the corner to go down the short hallway where my apartment is located. As I got to my door, I looked down the end of the hallway where there are two additional apartments. On the ground, just a few feet in front of me was the unmistakable colour and design of a Canadian $20 bill.

The placement of the slightly crumpled up $20 bill was a bit suspect. It was right in the middle of the hallway, as if placed on purpose. I quickly looked around to see if there were any cameras that were observing. Of course, there were none… I think. I wasn’t really sure what to do at this point. Should I just grab the money and dash into my apartment? Should I try to see if the $20 bill belonged to anyone in one of those two apartments?

Just taking the money seemed too easy and it really wasn’t my money. I decided I should at least make a half-assed attempt to return the bill to its rightful owner. Since I was going to do it half-assed, I decided I would only knock on the door of one the apartments down the hall (the bill could have only come from those two apartments). Now I don’t know much about my neighbours. I think I may have said hi to each of them once so far. I do know both apartments are two-bedroom units. I also know one of them is occupied by a young couple and the other is occupied by two young ladies who share the place. Guess which one I chose?

After a solid knock and a curious look through the peephole, one of the roommates opened the door. It was the tall, brunette one. I could see her shorter, blonde roommate behind her, wondering why I had knocked.

“Oh hey, did one of you just drop this $20 bill in the hallway? I found it on the floor.”

“Oh… no, but the pizza guy was just here, so I guess it’s your lucky day.”

“Oh, alright. Well, thanks!”

“But thanks for checking with us first.”

“Yeah, no problem!”

So with that, the awkward exchange ended and I walked back to my apartment door and let myself in. Considering I spent almost $50 in groceries today, the $20 I found certainly is most welcome. I also appreciate the honesty of the young ladies down the hall. They could have made up some crazy story on the spot and I pretty much would have had to give them the money.

I know you’re wondering but I am indeed going to continue working. I just wouldn’t know what I’d do with all that free time.

3 thoughts on “I'M RICH!!!”

  1. First lesson is you don’t tell people how much, you just ask them if they may have lost some money. If they say $20, then it could be theirs.

    Second lesson… that should have devolved into a “Dear Penthouse” embellishment. Next time, think of your readers.

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