I was on the phone today with my building manager to find out when someone was coming to actually repair my now “supposedly” dry bathroom ceiling. He said it was up to the restoration company and their schedule but it would be soon.

I also tried to find out who was actually paying for these repairs. I originally thought this was all going to be under the new home warranty for the building but I was wrong. The building manager is billing the owner of the apartment above me for everything. He didn’t give me an exact figure (not all the work has been done of course) but he mentioned it would be in the range of several hundred dollars. Sucks to be that person.

Now I could be subject to the same penalty if spilled water near my toilet too. Of course, I’m not stupid so that won’t happen. I will, however, put a seal around my toilet base just in case. When that happens, I’ll probably document here.

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