So I spent another weekend with those two big machines in my bathroom. As you might recall, Friday was supposed to be the day they took the drying equipment out. This did not happen because they determined my ceiling was still too damp. So I had to run these machines all weekend long. This morning was another judgment today as the restoration company came by again to assess my ceiling.

Using a handheld piece of electronic equipment, they somehow detected my ceiling was dry enough to repair. They took the blower and dehumidifier away. Then they told me that someone else would be in touch to begin the final stage of repairs. No one called me today but I’m going to get the building manager on the phone to find out additional details.

If you’re interested, the above picture is the current state of my bathroom ceiling. The indent is from me applying light pressure with a single finger on the ceiling. It was mushy enough for me to easily push in. This is where I think two drywall sheets meet up and I was actually pushing in the joint tape. I’m not certain but it sure seems like it.

I’m hopefully in the final stage of repairs.

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