I have this theory that the symptoms of the common cold can be brought upon by a simple sneeze. To be clear, I don’t think sneezing is the cause of a common cold. What I mean is that, if you already have the cold virus, I believe a sneeze is often the catalyst which signals to your body to start feeling things like a runny (or stuffy) nose, coughing, and so on.

I’ve experienced several instances where I was feeling fine until I sneezed, immediately after which I started feeling the effects of a cold. Now, I maybe a dolt but I’m not doltish enough to think sneezes cause colds. So I must have already been “sick” but just not been feeling it.

Now here’s where my theory perhaps gets a bit far-fetched. I believe that had I not sneezed, I still would have had a cold but the symptoms would have been much less prominent or I could have delayed the onset of symptoms until much later.

Now since I’m not a doctor, the Internet is a great place to spread this type of pseudo-science. I’m hoping all of you believe my theory and tell your friends. Forward this post to your parents in an e-mail.

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