I had dinner at my parents’ house this evening. When I came home, I was strolling through my apartment lobby when I decided to take the stairs up to my place. I’d never done that before even though it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks now. I prefer getting my physical exercise in a practical way. I’ve never liked just spining on a stationary bike or running on a treadmill. I liked getting fooled into partaking in exercise, for example chasing after a yellow ball on a court or having to walk around a lake to see a beautiful view. Taking the stairs to my apartment is practical in that if I want to get back home, I have to walk up these stairs.

It was the very first time I’d been in one of the two main stairwells in my apartment building. The first thing I noticed was that the stairwell was wide enough to be comfortable for single file but not practical for any more than that. It was tight and compact unlike some office towers I’ve been in where the stairwells were made to help transport lots of people quite quickly.

I made a point not to race up the stairs, since at the 28th floor, it wouldn’t be a sprint. I took it at a moderate pace. I didn’t start to feel the physical exertion until about the ninth floor. It was at this point my body realized this wasn’t a walk in the park and that I was actually hauling my own ass up into the sky. This manifested itself in some burn in my legs and quicker breathing. I didn’t stop though.

I just kept on trudging up those stairs. The best motivation was seeing those floor numbers increase little by little. Just like anything, a big problem is best solved by dividing it into little pieces. So I just took it floor by floor.

Soon enough, the magic number of 28 appeared at the top of the steps and I opened the door into freedom and my floor. By now, my legs felt ok but I was indeed breathing quickly. It took me approximately seven minutes to get from the lobby to my floor. It really wasn’t that bad at all.

I’m hoping to do this more often, especially when coming home from work.

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