I have quite an interesting view from my apartment. Though my view is essentially unobstructed, there are four or five apartment buildings near me that are shorter than my building. Thankfully, they are at least a block away so there’s no feeling of being too close. They are, however, close enough to somewhat notice what’s going on in those apartments.

I’ve been meaning to pick-up a pair of binoculars just to satisfy my own curiousity but wasn’t sure where to get them that also wouldn’t cost a lot. The answer came in the form of a co-worker who also lives in my building. He told me that the local Army & Navy store had a decent pair for only $10. So today, I went and bought the pair he was talking about.

I waited until the sun had set before I casually trained the binoculars towards some of the windows. What I saw (or didn’t see) brought nothing but boredom. Most apartments seemed empty with the lights off. The ones that did have lights on mostly had nothing going on at all. I saw perhaps one or two people on their patios smoking. Watching people smoking is not very entertaining I have to say. I spent another five minutes looking for something interesting but never did find it.

Maybe this voyeurism thing isn’t as exciting as people make it out to be.

2 thoughts on “BINOCS”

  1. I’ve given up on spying on our condo neighbours. Nothing cool ever happens. I think I’m the only one who walks around their apartment pantsless in this whole development.

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