As I mentioned in a previous post, my Xbox 360, which has faithfully entertained me for the last three years, broke down last week.

As part of the free repair process, it was picked up by UPS near my apartment building around 3pm last Tuesday. By 8pm on Friday, it was already in Don Mills, Ontario where Microsoft has its service centre. The speed by which it arrived makes me think it was delivered via rail though I guess technically one could drive to Ontario in three days but that would be one hell of a drive.

Unfortunately, since it arrived in Ontario late Friday, it wasn’t technically delivered until the following Monday which meant it was just sitting there for two days. Some dude named “Cesar” signed for my console this morning. Officially, Microsoft has now acknowledged it has my console. What, if anything, they are going to do with my Xbox 360 is unknown. Ideally, it would be great if they just shipped me a working replacement console by Tuesday morning which means it possibly could get to me before the weekend.

I would love to do some gaming this Saturday.

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