In a previous post I mentioned how I’m running a small side business at work selling soft drinks. Since the fridge where the drinks are located is away from my desk, I rely on the honour system for payment. In my previous updates, I wrote how only a few cans seemed to go unpaid for. Unfortunately, in the intervening weeks, the amount of theft just increased.

One week I counted sixteen cans that were just taken. That’s well over a case of drinks stolen. Then another week nine cans were stolen. I decided this was not acceptable. Last week, I just left the fridge empty. If the thieves thought they would continue to get a free ride, they were wrong.

On Monday, I sent out a team wide e-mail detailing the brazen theft and also explaining how the drinks are bought using my money, not from the team budget. So when people steal drinks, they’re actually stealing from me. I announced that I was going to try something new. The drinks would now be in a smaller bar fridge next to my desk. I essentially now dared people to steal from right underneath my nose. Would people be that brazen.

After I sent out my message, I got several replies, all sympathetic. One of our production coordinators was actually nice enough to reimburse me the lost revenue from the team budget. That was a nice touch.

We’ll see what happens in this new situation. I wonder if people will try to rip me off again.


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