Because of my recent move into a new apartment plus a purchase of an HDTV, I had a need for a whole bunch of cabling and some related accessories. While I was fortunate that Telus supplied me with a lot of that, I found myself still short a few items.

My goal was to find the cheapest place for quality cables. The reason I wanted to find cheap cables is because there’s an incredible amount of pricing gouging that is currently going on with high definition related cables. It’s my belief that retailers are attempting to make consumers think that with higher definition images and higher quality images, come higher prices for those cables that bring them those images. The worst offenders by far are the folks at Monster Cable Products. The markups on their HDMI cables border on being criminal. In fact, most salespeople would rather you buy a single Monster cable than brand new TV because they would make more money off the cable.

The people I work with are a great resource for information because if I’m into something, the odds are they’re into it as well. It turns out they knew the best place for cables, home theatre accessories, and similar items. The place they recommended me is called Monoprice. They have a great web site that’s informative yet easy to navigate. They offer a wide selection of items, all for very reasonable prices.

I ordered from them a 6ft. HDMI cable, 30 ft. of network cable, and a digital optical switch. The subtotal for those items was about $13 USD. With shipping, it was just over $20 USD. Even with the exchange rate, that’s an awesome deal. Going to any local electronics store I would have been hard pressed to find an HDMI cable for $4. Monster sells the same cable for about 10x as much.

If you’re looking for A/V accessories, please do check out Monoprice.

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