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Since receiving my new TV, I’ve been looking for sources of HD programming. The easiest to find on a daily basis are the late night TV talk shows. Because of time-shifting, I can watch each episode twice a night if need be.

One of the shows I’ve really been enjoying is The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Conan promised he wouldn’t change his comedy or tone things down for the traditionally more conservative 11:30pm timeslot. He has kept his word. As a partial result, the ratings between his Tonight and Leno’s Tonight are different. Conan’s ratings are actually lower. If I were Conan, I take this as a compliment Leno’s audience doesn’t seem to get Conan, which to me, means good old Coco is doing alright.

One of the more interesting things Conan has done is his continuing bits with one of his associate producers, Jordan Schlansky. Schlansky is an interesting fellow who seems quite worldly, a perfect foil to Conan’s down-to-earth sensibilities. Whenever the two get on camera together, the results are quite hilarious.

The video you see above was taped when the show was still back in New York during the writers’ strike. If you click here, you’ll see a very popular video of Schlansky and Conan going out to dinner. Conan is at his best during the meal. Last but not least are the most current videos. At this time, it’s not known if Schlansky has found a place to live in LA. Conan is trying to help him find a new home and this documented in part one and part two. Funny stuff.

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