In TV land, TV shows of years past commonly did one thing when writers ran out of ideas or were just too lazy to write something new. That one thing was to make a clip show or a show that just replayed excerpts from previous shows. Networks do this far less often now but when I was a kid, you could rely on this showing at least once a year from your favourite shows.

Because I wanna be lazy too, I started thinking of what a clip show equivalent of this blog would be. Now some of you might think it is laughable my blog would have a “best of”. I admit I have written perhaps a stinker or two of posts over the seven years but I also believe there have been a few gems here or there.

My question to you, my readers, is what posts of the past would you include in a “best of”? Would you vote for the post where I posted pics of a couple having sex in front of their hotel window? How about the classic series pertaining to “wang flies” incident? Perhaps the one where I told everyone how my lactose intolerance explosively manifested itself?

I’ll make up the list myself but feel free to add your own input to this list. Comb through the massive archives to the right and leave your choices as a comment below.

5 thoughts on “THE BEST OF”

  1. One vote for “wang flies”.

    Anything related to the blond “mullet wig” is also good, but I couldn’t find a specific post in the archives.

  2. — Wang Flies.
    — That post about a Jr. High classmate who became a stripper that Ryan Y. flipped out about.

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