After leaving a team meeting in the late afternoon, I looked out the 12th floor windows and saw many police cars just below the office tower I work in. In fact, even before I left the meeting I remembered hearing the wail of police car sirens.

I couldn’t see what was going on, so I went back to my desk. Ten minutes later, I went to the Vancouver Sun web site and saw this story. Apparently an armed jewelry store robbery had occurred just a block from my location. Not only that, an armed woman, supposedly one of the robbers, ran right past the hotel that’s just next door. Adding to the drama, the premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell was in the hotel for an interview when the armed woman ran past.

All of this led to some nervous moments for a lot of people. Almost two hours later when I left work, there was still a very heavy police presence downtown. I also got to walk past the jewelry store in question. Outside of it, I saw a man who appeared to have gotten into a fender-bender with a police car parked outside the store.

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