Given the amount of packing and unpacking I’ve been doing lately, I’ve gone through a lot of my possessions that date back to several years. In one stack, I found old bus transfers, restaurant bills, and movie ticket receipts.

Among the movie tickets, I found one for Wild Things, the 1998 “erotic thriller”. I’ll remember that movie for a long time for namely two things: seeing Denise Richard’s breasts and Kevin Bacon’s penis. I’m not sure why I’ve kept that movie ticket for going on 11 years now. That’s probably the oldest ticket I have. What’s your oldest that you can remember?

One thought on “FOUND THINGS”

  1. I tend to keep concert ticket stubs and put them in the CD cases. So, I probably should have ZZ Top’s Afterburner tour ticket somewhere (’cause I know I don’t own that CD anymore). I probably have SW:SE tickets hidden somewhere, too.

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