Welcome to another edition of the popular “Did You Know?” series of posts! Thanks once again to Kathy from Medford, Massachusetts for suggesting the topic for our previous post. Now, let’s get to our topic today!

Did you know there is an actual town in New Mexico called Truth or Consequences? Yes, it’s absolutely true. Once called Hot Springs, NM, the city decided to officially change its name to Truth or Consequences after quiz show host Ralph Edwards asked his viewers if there was one city who willing to do this. Edwards, the host of the show Truth or Consequences, stated the first city or town to do so would be the site of a future broadcast. You can read a much more detailed account of the name change here. Fascinating stuff.

Edwards would continue to visit the town every year for the next fifty years. Residents of New Mexico usually now refer to the town as T or C, New Mexico.

Did you know?

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