I was so proud of myself tonight. I managed to buy a toaster oven for my apartment without having to solicit opinions from anyone!

I bought a reasonably-priced stainless steel toaster oven from of all places, the Real Canadian Superstore. Not only did I buy it from Superstore, it was a President’s Choice branded toaster oven. I chose that particular model for several reasons. First, it was priced right for its size, which is to say 13L of toasting capacity. When I make toast, I make a minimum of 10L of toast. The stainless steel look of it also matches the rest of my appliances in my kitchen. Last but certainly not least, it has a blue LED-like light on it. Keep in mind, the light is “LED-like”. I don’t think it’s actually a genuine blue LED but it kinda looks like it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue LED on a kitchen appliance before. Years ago, only super high end electronics had blue LEDs. Thanks to easier and cheaper manufacturing techniques, blue LEDs are almost everywhere now.

I’m hoping the bed and couch I buy will have blue LEDs on them too.

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