When you spend as much time at work as I do, you probably have plenty of opportunities to conduct “bathroom business”. Luckily, on the floor where I work, there’s a luxurious washroom where one can conduct such business. Deemed the “executive washroom”, it’s a spacious, single occupant palatial retreat. Featuring a large and stylish porcelain sink, wood paneling, and a wealth of reading material, it’s the place to “go”.

When I first started using said palatial retreat, I noticed something very odd. When I sat down, there seemed to be a genuine warmth emanating towards my posterior. I thought it was my imagination but sure enough, I wasn’t imagining things. The water in the toilet bowl was so warm, it got to the point where it was actually conducting heat to my ass. To this day I’m not sure it’s done on purpose as a matter of comfort but I’m not complaining. Also, the water isn’t hot all the time, which is kinda weird. I have to admit, if you’re gonna get splashed on the butt, it’s better to have warm water than cold.

I strongly suggest you try it out at home, just so you can say you’ve experience it. The next time you gotta go, try boiling a sufficient amount of water beforehand. Then carefully and I mean carefully, take the hot water over to the bowl and dump it in there. Make sure it’s enough to be appreciable. Then proceed with your business as usual. I’m not sure if it’ll change your life but it might be a good ice-breaker for the next party you’re at.

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  1. Its posts like this that keep me coming back to on a daily basis. No one else is willing to take on the toilet water questions that face us every day.

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