As some of you know, the US Presidential election campaign is in full swing, with tonight Senators McCain and Obama debating for the last time before election day. Senator Obama has run a 21st century campaign, not neglecting e-mails and blogs as forms of communication. To add to that, just this week, ads for Senator Obama started appearing in several EA games on the Xbox 360 platform. People first started noticing billboard ads featuring the Democratic candidate in Paradise City, the fictional locale for EA’s Burnout Paradise.

Yesterday, I was speaking with our online producer (who is also an American). He told me he just authorized the use of Senator Obama’s ads in the original skate. Unfortunately, the Obama campaign only bought ads for ten select states in which the Senator is still tightly contesting with McCain. A list of those states can be found in the article referenced above. If you live in California, Illinois, or New York, you’re out of luck since it’s a foregone conclusion those will go blue.

Look for the Obama ads in and around San Vanelona in the next day or so and only on the Xbox 360 version of skate.

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