Today was a federal election day for Canada. Though it was not a surprise, I am still disappointed that Stephen Harper and his Conservatives were able to stay in power and form a minority government.

It is my belief that Canada does not need to lean any further to the right than Harper has been trying to for the last two years. I may speak poorly about the Greater Toronto Area at times but I must give that area credit for remaining a Liberal stronghold. Credit is also due for the Maritime provinces who once again voted heavily for Liberal candidates. It is safe to say without the populous areas of Ontario and the Maritimes, Canada would be in dire straights tonight.

Out West where I voted, it was again another disturbing result with the Conservatives sweeping large swaths of ridings, in some areas nary a Liberal nor NDP victory in sight. As a small consolation, the most populous areas of Vancouver went to either Liberal or NDP candidates, though the Liberals actually lost seats in Vancouver compared to 2006. In my own personal riding, I was glad to see the NDP incumbent, Dawn Black, retain her seat in Parliament, fending off the Conservative newcomer.

My own personal strategy for voting today was simple: prevent the Conservative candidate from winning. The Liberal candidate was probably too young and inexperienced to be a threat. Ms. Black had experience and incumbancy on her side, so it was quite a simple decision to be honest.

I now cautiously look forward to the Liberals and NDP blocking Harper when they need to and working with him when the time is right.

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