I usually don’t remember my dreams but I did last night. I dreamed I was backstage at a TV studio. There was a taping of a performance of some sort. There was an audience of no more than a hundred people, sitting in a semi-circle. The studio was slightly darkened with lighting with a hint of purple.

On stage was an older gentlemen. His hair gray, almost completely white in places. He was a singer, not anyone I could name right now. He was older than Neil Diamond and definitely more traditional in his musical taste than Neil for sure. For reasons unknown to me, he was singing David Bowie’s China Girl with very little accompaniment, almost a cappella.

“I could escape this feeling, with my china girl
I feel a wreck without my, little china girl
I hear her heart beating, loud as thunder
Saw the stars crashing”

Whoever the singer was, he was very into the song, as odd of a choice it seemed for him. While the audience was respectfully quiet, they were clearly enjoying the performance.

I don’t remember anything else from the dream. If this dream means anything I would like to know.

3 thoughts on “WEIRD DREAM”

  1. You didn’t recognize him, because it was a much older David Bowie, as he imagines himself to one day be. The name of the show you were witnessing was titled “Golden Years”, and it was David Bowie’s reality-based TV show in the future (and, not surprisingly, a track off his 1976 LP Station to Station).Somehow, Erwin, you managed to tap into the dream of David Bowie’s future.Crazy bread.

  2. It reminds me of something Big Red would do on Letterman. Maybe you are receiving Letterman broadcasts from the future in your dreams.-BryBry

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