What you’re seeing above is a receipt that I found at a bank machine that I was using at a local 7-11. In this day and age where every bank machine asks you if you want a receipt or not, why would you press “Yes” but then not even take it out of the slot? I do not understand that.

Anyways, whenever I encounter a receipt left in the slot, I always look at it. Call me a snoop or nosy but I admit, I like seeing how much money people have left in the account. In this case, when I looked at the account balance, I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Sure enough, this account was in the negative for close to $33 000. There’s no way someone could be overdrawn that amount. This must be a line of credit or similar account.

I do understand that many people in this financial climate live with large amounts of debt. I understand that students come out of university with large amounts of debt. I understand people use debt to fund a lifestyle that might have been out of reach otherwise. Hell, I’m willingly looking to go into debt for over $200K with my apartment-owning aspirations. Still, $33K is a lot of money to be owning to the bank for reasons that one ATM receipt can’t let us know.

I wonder what they did or are doing with that money. Tuition for them or their kids? A boat? A car? A vacation? Mortgage payments? Jewelry? Gambling debts? Booze? Blow? Hookers? Comic books? Tempura? Their own business?

I suppose I will never know what that money is being used for.


  1. I want to know the man (or woman) who goes $33K into debt over Tempura. I am just thinking that would be one interesting person.

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