– I have eaten Kraft Macaroni and Cheese eight times in the last ten days and would like some more

– despite buying Rock Band 2 and Spore from the company store, I have not played either

– the last item kinda rhymed

– I ordered BBQ ribs tonight for my dinner but it never came, I had to settle for Hawaiian pizza and BBQ chicken instead

– for some reason, I want to buy a tiny laptop

– I just sneezed

– this post over at gwilli’s blog was probably one of the most interesting in a while (though not entirely food related)

– I’m probably going to be “late” for work tomorrow

One thought on “RANDOM STATS”

  1. ahahaha, which part of my post is so interesting?? my buddy riding his bicycle down to california? or the sexy ladee photographings?? oh. once I ask that question, I suddenly realize the answer.

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