Over the last several weeks I’ve been accompanying co-workers who go downstairs and outside for smoke breaks. I’ve been calling it my time to “second-hand smoke” a cigarette. In reality, I just enjoy taking a few minutes of the day to go outside and get out of the studio for a few minutes. It also helps that there are undoubtedly lots of pretty girls walking around our area of downtown Vancouver.

For non-smokers, we don’t have these type of breaks. The cigarette gives smokers that excuse to go outside and light one up. Do we non-smokers need an excuse to go outside? I suppose not but it sure helps people get into the habit leaving the studio a few times a day.

I also like the social aspect of smoke breaks. The acting of smoking seems to chill out the smokers, so the conversations we have are nice and interesting. Sometimes we’ll continue to talk about work-related stuff but just because we’re outside makes it seem way better.

I believe non-smokers should come up with some sorta alternative break to smoking. Maybe we could have a doughnut break. There would be like three dudes standing around, just eating doughnuts. I’m going to work on that idea.

Lastly, the topic of the non-smoker being at the smoke break was explored in entire episode of Friends where Rachel had to join smokers outside for the sake of her career.

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