So this evening I tried to post a video to this blog via the YouTube site. As you might know, Google owns both Blogger and YouTube, so I thought this cross-posting might work. After I clicked on “Post”, it said, “your video will appear shortly”. I waited all night for it to show up. It hasn’t so far. This kinda screwed up my posting intents tonight because I wasn’t sure if I should write another one or just wait for it to show up.

So because of that, you’re getting this awarding-winning post tonight. I saw another apartment tonight, this time with my replacement realtor. My full-time realtor is on a vacation that’s lasting over a month, actually closer to two months. I can’t wait that long, so thus the fill-in realtor. Susie is a nice woman, though I got some contradicting suggestions. My old realtor doesn’t want me to buy in New West because she thinks it’s full of drug dealers, instead she thinks I should buy in the Collingwood area. Susie doesn’t want me to buy in the Collingwood because she thinks it’s full of drug dealers, instead she thinks I should buy in New West. I think the reality is both places are full of drug dealers.

Anyways, the place I saw tonight was cheap, dropping $10K just this week, down to $205K. I thought the interior was nice but the view was horrible. Susie thought it looked and felt like living in a prison. She’s gonna go find some more places for me to look at it. She also said the market is really changing. It’s clearly a buyers’ market now as prices are dropping from “stupidly expensive” to just “way more than anyone should pay for small shack of a condo”.

Lastly, I will never, ever take a Greyhound (or similar company) bus anywhere again.

4 thoughts on “STUFF”

  1. OR you could buy a 2 bedroom, 811 sq. ft. apartment in North Vancouver, just an 8 minute walk to the seabus. From your front door to work in less than 30 minutes!Only $311k (originally $345k).Just sayin’.

  2. I refuse to let a bridge come between myself and where I’m going. I know NV is nice and all but the bridge is a deal breaker!

  3. I’m with you on the bus trips. I’m thinking back to a trip I took from Canberra to Sydney one time. There was a freaky dude sitting behind me who kept putting his stinky bare feet through the gap between the seats and resting it on my arm rest. But at least I didn’t get decapitated and eaten!

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