I’ve written about my hair quite a bit in this blog. As some of you know, when I get a haircut, the freshness date on it lasts about two and a half weeks before my head starts looking like I have a pile of hay on it.

My last shortening of hair happened on June 23, now five weeks ago. At that time, I didn’t get it cut very short, so its been five long weeks of hair growing. If you’ve seen me in the last week or so, you can tell I’ve given up trying to figure out what to do with my hair. There’s a big wall up front that has pretty much no where to go, other than perhaps up. I look very awkward.

I tried getting an appointment with my haircut lady early last week. I was told she didn’t have an appointment open until the 7th of August! I had to wait another two weeks! So while I wait, I look more like “the Donald” as each day passes. Please, if you see me before the 7th, refrain from making comments.

2 thoughts on “THE HAIR SITUATION”

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