Though I’ve been quietly rooting for them since the second round, I’d like to publicly throw my support behind the Pittsburgh Penguins in this year’s NHL playoffs. Yes, I realize it seems like a shallow move to only now declare my stance after the Pens have played 12 playoff games (winning 11 of them) but hey, they play an entertaining style of hockey.

Well, I better not write too much more or else my thoughts will turn back to memories of the spring of 1994 and then I’ll get misty-eyed.

2 thoughts on “GO PENS GO!”

  1. You jinxed them. There, I said it.Truth be told, the Penguins will lose in the Stanley Cup Finals. Not that I want them to, but they’re going up against almost 2 decades of tradition. You see, if you look back over the previous 18 years, there have been 18 different teams that have lost in the Finals. Pittsburgh isn’t one of them. (Detroit, Dallas, and Philadelphia have all lost during that span.)So, I’m guessing it will be a Detroit/Pittsburgh final, but the Pens will lose. They have to.

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