Based on just a few questions that I answered over the phone, it took only a couple hours for a mortgage broker to tell me how much home I could buy. I was good for the high end of the range I asked for. Actually, he said I could borrow much more. That’s kinda scary.

Anyways, for what I asked for, my monthly mortgage payments wind up being half my income for the month. That’s no fun. That amount, however, is based on a 25 year term. If I go for a 40 year mortgage, it goes down about $300, which puts it into the “slightly more reasonable” category.

Sometimes, it’s no fun being an adult.

5 thoughts on “CAN YA SPARE SOME CHANGE?”

  1. I agree brother, that 50 percent of one’s income is a significant chunk, but relatively speaking, in this crazy market, remember that people are spending 71 percent of thier income on housing….

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