When I left work this evening I got into an elevator which just happened to have Rory Armes and Frank Gibeau in it. Rory is the studio head for Black Box and Frank is the President of the EA Games label. Both are influential members of the games industry and to boot nice guys. I’ve obviously had more interaction with Rory as he’s my studio head but the few times I’ve heard Frank speak in person, he’s left with me a good impression as a sensible, down-to-earth type of executive.

I noticed Frank wore an ID badge even though he’s based out of California. I wonder if he has some uber-pass which allows him access to every single EA Games studio, the list, at which this point would span three continents. Anyways, both execs got into a late-model, all-black BMW with a driver who whisked them away to who knows where.

Keeping with the EA theme, I’d like to congratulate EA Montreal for shipping Army of Two. I think a lot of the public were either hoping or steeling themselves for a mediocre game but EA Montreal delivered a solid new IP title. I played a few hours of online co-op tonight and it’s definitely a lot of fun.

Transitioning to slightly less EA-related news, please be advised I am “temporarily” blocked from accessing my e-mail address while I’m at work. For some reason, stupid Websense blocked my webmail server starting about one week ago. Here’s the neat thing, people who have much more power than I do are trying to get this block removed for me. I guess the lesson to be learned here is that if you do your job well and keep everyone happy, people will bend some rules for you.

Last but not least, I do realize the archive you see to the right is woefully out of date. I’m missing several weeks posts which do exist but don’t have links to them. The correct solution is to find out why Blogger isn’t publishing my archive anymore. The more fun solution is for me to write a simple C# application which automates the writing of the archive file for me. I’m a bit of a C# newbie but I think it’ll be a fun project to do. Until I get it written, please bear with me.

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